How do we handle off-market listings? This is the approach we take.

I’m coming to you today from the site of another off-market listing that I double-ended and got sold.

Before filling you in on this recently sold property, I’d like to talk about my surefire approach to these types of listings: I pick up a listing and I call the surrounding neighbors to let them know about this brand-new listing as well and to inquire if they know anyone who might be getting into the market soon.

Once an offer is written on the property, I’ll again alert the neighbors to this good news and ask if someone they know is thinking about buying or selling.

I’ll make one last call to them as soon as the property is sold to share this news and the handsome price we were able to capture for the seller.

This particular property—714-716 York Court—is situated on the north end of Mission Beach, right off the oceanfront. It’s so close, in fact, that we’re about 50 paces away from the boardwalk.

“I’ll make one last call to the property’s neighbors to share the news that the home sold and to let them know the handsome price we were able to capture for the seller.”

Here are some of the key details of this property: 

  • 2 bedrooms upstairs
  • 2 bathrooms upstairs
  • A huge rooftop deck
  • 1 bedroom downstairs
  • 1 bathroom downstairs
  • 3 parking spots at Mission Beach

This home belonged to a past client, and I called her to gauge her interest in selling. She informed me that she was, in fact, interested. Another client of mine was a renter turned buyer who was sick of throwing away money on rent and wanted to make a purchase for her kids’ sake. In the end, this particular buyer client purchased the home, and both are very happy with how the transaction turned out.

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