As a real estate professional we can do a lot to make your property look more appealing to potential buyers- even during the winter/ holiday months! By staging your home before a sale you can increase the amount of an offer from 1 to 10 percent regardless of the season and time of year. The trick is to stage it properly.

Here are a few tips for winter staging:

Turn up the heat: You will want to make sure the temperature inside the home is cozy is works as a way to keep buyers in the home longer. Even in near perfect weather conditions like we have in San Diego, you should make sure your home is cozy.

Watch the smell: When you close up your  home during the winter it can make your home start to smells. So it’s important to create scent appeal. You might consider simmering cinnamon to give your home a warming, pleasant aroma that can increase your home’s attractiveness during the winter. You should try to avoid using air fresheners or other artificial scents that could make buyers suspicious and feel like smells are just being covered up.

Curb appeal: The grass may not be green and flowers may not be in full bloom, but that doesn’t mean an exterior should be neglected. Ensure leaves are swept away and branches are well trimmed, and look for ways to add color, such as an evergreen shrub in a pot. Even though you are planning on moving and might not want to break out all of your holiday decor you should consider small touches that can add curb appeal, and make the home feel inviting. You don’t want your home to look like an eyesore among your neighbors who have their homes decorated.

Keep clear paths: While we don’t have to worry about shoveling snow in San Diego, you’ll still want to keep your sideways and driveways clear. Try to keep the home’s patios and decks as clear as possible so buyers can get a sense of their true size. This might mean raking leaves, trimming landscaping back, or clearing out cluttered porches.

Use lots of light: There’s less daylight in the winter months, so it’s even more important to keep all the lights on and open up your blinds for natural light. You will want to switch to brighter lightbulbs, and clean light fixtures. Try to keep the home well lit even when you’re not there so the home still looks inviting to anyone driving by. Buyers will sometimes come check out the home and neighborhood in the evenings so see how the home looks in the dark. So make sure all exterior lights are working and bright, and the home is well lit