Get Organized & Declutter

This applies to every room in your home, and not just when you’re staging your home for sale. Anything that you don’t want in your living or dining room, should either be donated or tossed out. Everything else should find a new home while you’re staging your own.

If you have a lot of stuff you’d like to keep, see if any nearby relatives have space for a few items in their garage. Failing that, you can always rent a locker from a nearby storage company.

Once you’ve cleaned up, pull your furniture away from the walls and arrange your couches, chairs and end tables in symmetrical pairs to create a nice-looking spot for conversation.

Clean Your Furniture & Floors

Dust everything regularly so your home looks both clean and lived-in. Take a hard look at your floors, especially hardwood floors, in case they need refinishing or a good scrubbing. Steam cleaning your carpets will also give your space a fresher appearance.

Add a Few Homey Touches

After cleaning up and removing the clutter from your house, it’s time to add a few welcoming touches. Some of the most enticing home staging odds and ends include:

  • Vases with freshly cut flowers.
  • A bowl of fruit on a side table.
  • Table arrangements to fill up a large dining room table.
  • Slip covers for dining room chairs.

Pro Home Staging Tip: Stick to Neutral Colors
Shades of grey, white and beige are all ideal color choices for your walls as they aren’t too bright or dark, appealing to a wide range of prospective buyers.

An experienced local real estate agent, like Carlos G, can be your best option to achieve a desirable outcome. San Diego agents are familiar with local market conditions and can provide guidance on pricing your home and making repairs without spending more than you need to.